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Bunions, Shoes, and Genetics

September 3, 2015

Most of the time, a bunion is formed during the early years as an adult. As a person ages, the foot spreads and makes this problem worse. Weak and poor foot structure can be a cause for this issue, but genetics also plays a role. Arthritis has been known to aid in the development of such issues. There is a chance that if you have one leg that is longer than the other, the leg with more length can have bunions form.

bunionsSorry women, you are more prone to getting the bunion.  When you are typically wearing tight fitting, and all around poorly fitted shoes – no matter how good they may look – you are basically welcoming in the bunion to your foot. High-heeled and pointed shoes gradually push foot bones into an unnatural shape, which allows the formation to begin.

Where the toe bends in normal walking form, the bunion is typically formed. This is also where the weight of your entire body rests, and causes pain. This can also cause further issues such as calluses due to the excess pressure and friction from this additional growth on the foot.

Be wise in your foot wear choices. Get properly fitted for the shoes you love. No matter how good they look, they can cause you years of pain if they are not meant for your foot shape. If you have anything you think needs a little more attention, feel free to give us a call!

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