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Foot & Ankle Problems – When Do I Call A Doctor?

October 8, 2015

Problems with the foot and ankle are very common, especially if you are an active person! People tend to think that some ice, some rest, stretching, and tape will be the best way to heal and get on with their life. Even in situations where minor accidents occur, it is always a good idea to get the problem area looked at by a professional.

shutterstock_57050944Foot and ankle issues tend to get worse if they are left alone and not treated properly.  Some issues can very easily be corrected by strengthening exercises or changing the type of shoe you wear. This is something that might not get thought about when the icing routine has been completed.

Other issues might end up being more complex. How will one ever really know if they don’t have the right people look at it?  You may be suffering needlessly because you didn’t get the proper treatment from the start.  People say once an ankle is hurt you are doomed anyways, but that is not true. We would not still be in business if what we did was not successful.

If you are suffering today from an injury that happened yesterday or two years ago, I urge you to stop in and let us check you out.

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