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Oh Bunions!

July 23, 2015

Bunions are a family matter – meaning they can run in your family. They can also be the result of the way we walk or because of the types of shoes we wear.  Women actually get bunions more often than men, but it doesn’t mean that the male gender is left out.

Bunions form when tissue or bone at the joint at the bottom of the toe move out of place. Abnormal pressure or motion on the joint forces the toe to move out of place, which then causes the painful bump to appear.  These bumps can cause constant, and sometimes severe pain. Especially when located on the big toe, which carries most of the weight when you walk or stand. Sometimes shoes become too painful to wear due to this.

Here are a few tips to help ease the progression of an already forming bunion, or to help with the pain of an existing one:

  • Choose low-heeled, comfortable shoes that provide plenty of space for your toes and the widest part of your foot
  • Maintain a normal weight
  • Find shoe inserts to help position your foot correctly
  • Use warm soaks, ice packs, or get a massage
  • Buy well fitted footwear for jobs that require safety plates

For those in industries where heavier boots or footwear are required for safety, it is imperative to get a shoe that is well crafted and fits well with the socks you will be wearing. It is a good idea to get fitted with the thickness of the sock you will be wearing on a daily basis, and have room for when your feet swell from the normal activity you are involved in.  Many professional safety companies are able to do this and they will even come to you so they can help.

Bunions are no laughing matter. They can affect the way we do things on a day to day basis. Taking care of the symptoms as they arise is serious business. Make sure to schedule an appointment today with a professional to see if the pain can be alleviated before it gets too late.

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