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Re-lace Your Shoelaces

August 6, 2015

Are you struggling with a foot issue that you think is because of your shoes? Did you know that the cause might be something as simple that how you lace your shoes up? Here are a couple ideas to try before you throw the shoes away, or think it is something more serious.

Are the tops of your feet sore? Skip lacing over the area all together! Skip the section of the foot that is sore, and lace your shoes up leaving a gap. This will help to relieve pressure.

Toes cramped? Have your toes begun to scream that there is not enough room? Try using two laces in your shoe. One for the bottom half and one for the top half – this means you will have two spots where you tie on each shoe. This will make more room.

Asore-arch-150rch screaming?  Pressure across the tops of your feet starting to make your arch sore? Don’t cross your laces over each other, parallel lace them – like chutes and ladders. Start in the top right hole, pull across diagonal (the only diagonal you will have), then across to the eyelet on the other side, then down, across, down, across viagra preis deutschland. Repeat until you are coming back up the other side of the shoe.

These are just a couple different simple ways to make changes that could potentially save you another step in pain.

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