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Resolution – Reason – Routine

December 28, 2015

The year is upon us and there are so many people talking about what they are going to be doing and what they want to accomplish in the year 2016. Typically we hear about them for only a little while and then everything falls by the wayside.  Is there a way to make your goals more attainable?

Yes! You can put some of the ground work in place now for future success!

Resolutions. These are the things that we want to do in the new year. Whether it is to work out more, get up earlier, eat more healthy, etc, you have to make sure that is they real resolution chinesische viagra. You could say “I want to be more punctual this year.” The real problem is that you hit snooze 10 times. Resolve to get up earlier or to not hit snooze. Think about what the actual thing is that you are trying to attain.

Your reason. Your why. Your drive behind the goal. Why do you want to lose weight? It might be that someone in their immediate circle has passed away or been stricken with health issues. This is your way to work on not being another statistic. You have not been able to get enough time in your day and you have faltered on some commitments and you now have strained relationships. That is a reason to get your priorities straight and focus on what really matters. Saying no more might be for you.

Your routine. What will you put into place to make your goals come true on a daily basis to put you one step closer to your goal.

These three things are pretty good huh? Not too much to think about, but just enough to get yourself on the right track.

What are you going to shoot for this year?

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