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Running & Your Feet

July 9, 2015

You have decided to run, or maybe you have been running for a very long time – congrats on the choice! No matter how long you have been doing this, you know that your feet are an important part of this process.  They help take you where you want to go with the help of your muscles, joints, and your mind.

You will want to invest in a great pair of running shoes. This means that it may end up costing more than you would usually spend, but the type of shoe you purchase today can impact the length of your running career. Supporting your feet while they are working so hard is the least you can do, and there are professionals that can help you pick the best pair for your feet.

Do you know how you run? Do you know how often your feet hit the ground, how hard they are hitting, and where on your foot you are striking first? Having someone take a look at all of these things can improve how you run, and the health of your feet. Places such as Skinny Raven in Anchorage, have treadmills where they can video you and help you find the shoe that is best fit for your  needs. You can then adjust your strides or your step to prevent pain or injury. Providing the right kind of support to your feet to adjust for your actions will also be helpful.

Keeping your feet healthy is something you know is important and vital to a runner.  Try to do some cross-training like strength or flexibility focused on the lower body. You might even find that your performance improves, and running becomes easier each day.  Switching things up will provide variety for your body to be as prepared as possible for whatever you might find your course to be.

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