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Simple Ways To Avoid Frostbite

November 30, 2015

mittens_hatsWe all know that you can’t just stop going outside in the bitter cold. It is something most of us need to do to make a living! Plus how could you enjoy the beauty of Alaska from indoors? We made a quick list of ways to stay warm and avoid dermal injuries!

Dress appropriately – Layers of loose clothing. Waterproof and windproof is best. Don’t forget to make sure it is moisture wicking!

Change out of wet clothing – this increases your risk of frostbite for sure.

Look for signs – pain or an area of redness are two of the first indications that you may be getting frostbite. Your skin may start to feel weird or become numb. Be on the lookout. Get inside and warm your body temperature if you are feeling any of this.

Don’t drink or smoke – these two things make the human body more susceptible to cold.

Limit your outdoor time – avoid long walks and heed all weather warnings in your area. Frostbite can happen in a matter of minutes in some areas of Alaska.

There are so many clothing companies that provide garments for living in the frozen state of Alaska. Make sure you research what you need for what you will be doing. You may not enjoy the time it takes, but it will possibly save your life!

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