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Smelly Feet – That’s Right!

August 20, 2015

AClose-up of a man gagging after smelling his running you someone who has a problem with perspiration and your feet? Do you walk around with a stink bomb in your shoe? The stink comes from bacteria that lives on your skin and in your shoes, which also lives off of your sweat. This creates a smell from an acid by-product.  You are thankfully able to help this issue by keeping your feet dry – and here are a couple tips on how to do so!

Powder Your Shoes: No, we are not talking anything fancy here. Simply sprinkling corn starch in your shoes and go. This will help absorb the moisture that will occur.

Spray Your Shoes: Your shoes stink, but the idea of throwing away your favorite pair of shoes is breaking your heart.  Don’t ditch them just yet!  Lysol Disinfectant Spray, which contains a combination of sanitizing ingredients and ethanol, can kill the stink causing bacteria!  Spray the inside of your shoes – completely. This means taking out the shoe laces and everything, then replacing them once done spraying. Then spray a pair of clean socks with the Lysol spray and place them inside your shoes overnight. You should be ready to rock your kicks like normal the next day!

Sock Choice: It is important! Nylon can trap moisture, and cotton lets them breathe. Fashion is nice, but keeping your feet dry is always a better choice.

If this doesn’t help your situation, you may want to go ahead and schedule an appointment with your doctor to see if there is something that can be done on an internal level to help your situation!

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