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Sole Soothers Store


Check out the variety of products available at our Sole Soothers Store, located inside Anchorage Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Achilles heel pad
Heel lift (Adjustable)
Amerigel Post Surgical Kit with flex tape
Tuli’s gel cups
Silipos wonder cups
Dani Pro Nail Polish
Dani Pro Display Case
Kerasol Cream
Toe sleeves (digital tubes Visco-gel)
Toe Separators
Visco Gel toe Spacers
Metatarsal pads (adhesive backed foam)
Metatarsal pads (adhesive backed felt)
Metatarsal pads (all gel hook on)
Bunion pads w/toe spacer
Toe caps
Corn pads (not digital)
Crest pads
Theraband First step to relief (plant fasc.)
Vitamin E cream
Theraband Foot roller (can freeze)
Dorsal night splint
Plantar fasciitis sleeve
Silipos diabetic gel socks
Cold/hot pack
Silipos wonder soles
Strausberg Sock
Even up
Medi-honey gel
Spenco total support sandals
Powerstep arch molds (heat moldable)
Coban 1″
Coban 3″
Neosporin cream
Diabetic defense foot cream
Epsom salt
Forefoot compression sleeve
Formula 3
Clean Sweep/Fungi Foam Pack
Pumice Stone (Foot Scrubber)