Arch Pain

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What is Arch Pain?


Foot arches refer to the area of the foot between the heel and the toes. There are two arches in the foot, one that extends from the big toe side of the foot to the little toe side of the foot and the other that extends from the heel to the ball of the foot. Arch pain, therefore, refers to pain occurring in one or both feet between the heels and the toes in the direction of these arches. Arch pain is often seen in patients with flat feet or with high arch feet and it may occur on the top or bottom of the foot.



The symptoms of arch pain are variable depending upon the foot structure and the area of the foot that is affected. In some cases, the pain may be a dull ache while in other cases it may be sharp. It may be tenderness that occurs at a tendon insertion on a bone, or it may be electrical or pins and needles type pain on top of the foot. It may occur before, during, or after activity. It may occur with certain types of shoes, or while walking barefoot on hard surfaces.

Treatment Options

Treatment of arch pain is quite variable and is dependent upon the type and location of the pain as well as the structure of the foot arches. Your podiatrist can perform an examination of your foot which may include x-rays, watching the way you walk and even evaluation of your shoe gear to help determine the cause of the pain and development of an appropriate treatment strategy.

In some instances, the treatment consists of wearing the right orthotics or shoes to support the type of arch that you have. Other solutions may include stretching, injections, medications, physical therapy, or even surgery in the most severe and unrelenting cases.


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