Foot Fungus/Athletes Foot

A common problem that we see, athletes foot can be easily diagnosed in the clinic and we can send you home with the tools you need to resolve it now and manage it long-term.
Heather Kaufman


What is Foot Fungus/Athletes Foot?

Foot fungus – also known as Athletes Foot – is caused by a type of mold that lives on the skin and requires keratin (which is what the outer layer of skin is made of) for nutrition. It is a very hardy organism and live for long periods of time in many different places including soil, carpet, shoes, and common public areas. It is also very contagious.


Symptoms include dry, red, scaly, peeling skin that can look like a rash on the bottoms of the feet or between the toes. Sometimes small bumps called “vesicles” can appear on the skin. The fungal infection can cause itching, burning and even pain, and there may be an odor associated with the foot or inside the patient’s shoes.

Potential Causes

Athletes foot is contagious and can be transmitted by walking barefoot in common areas such as locker rooms, gym mats, carpeted hotel rooms, or from wearing the shoes of an infected individual. It is also transmissible to the skin from infected fungal toenails.

Treatment Options

Foot Fungus or Athlete's Foot can usually be treated with topical anti-fungal medications or with oral prescription anti-fungal medications in more severe cases. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaufman at Anchorage Foot & Ankle Clinic to determine if you do have foot fungus and discuss the best treatment options to manage your foot fungus.


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