Hammertoe Deformity

Hammertoe deformity is of the more common problems we treat. We educate our patients on the diagnosis of hammertoe deformity and the various treatment options.
Heather Kaufman


What is Hammertoe Deformity?

A hammertoe occurs when there is an imbalance or injury of the tendons, ligaments or muscles that normally hold the toe straight. Over time, these imbalances can cause the toe to bend or flex abnormally at one or both joints resulting in deformity and pain.


Hammertoes cause a toe to bend abnormally, with patients often complaining of the toes rubbing or becoming irritated inside their shoes. Callouses may also develop over the joints of the toe, or under the metatarsal that sits behind the toe.

What are the causes of Hammertoe Deformity?

Hammertoes can develop for a number of reasons including genetics, improper shoe gear, poor foot functioning and arthritis.

Treatment Options

Hammertoes can be managed conservatively with splints, padding, better shoes and stretching exercises. However, the only way to correct them is through outpatient surgical intervention. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaufman at Anchorage Foot & Ankle Clinic to discuss the best treatment options for your hammertoes.

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